Shirley Rilett is originally from Lima, Peru. As a little girl, Shirley loved animals so much that she would often find strays on the streets, and bring them back home. Afterwards Shirley and her mom would clean, feed and often find new homes for the strays. 

Shirley came to the United States when she was 17 years old and settled with her mom and sister in the city of Stamford, Connecticut. 

In 2002 Shirley graduated from Stamford High School and continued her college education for couple of years.

While in school, Shirley held various jobs, one in particular was working with children celebrating birthday parties. This is the first time Shirley noticed how easy it was for her to connect with children and to understand their innocent world. 

In 2004, Shirley left to join the ranks of the U.S. Army where she proudly served until being honorably discharged in 2007. While enlisted Shirley received several awards for her service.

Shirley came back to Stamford where she completed her Bachelor's Degree is General Science with a concentration in Psychology, Human Development and Social Studies from the University of Connecticut.

Shirley recently became a proud mom to a baby boy and lives with her husband and their beloved Rottweiler in the same town that welcomed her 20 years ago.

Shirley is a retired Town of Greenwich Police Officer. 

Shirley's inspiration for writing Oso's Tails comes from the sweet, and hungry nature her Rottweiler has and the love she feels for children.

When Shirley is not writing she is caring for her infant son, volunteers to the local school to speak to children about their potential to succeed. She often shares the story she wrote about bullying in her blog called "The Ugly Duckling". 

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